True change is within,
leave the outside as it is

(The Dalai Lama XIV)

Hi, I'm Karen

Welcome to Karen

Happy New Year and I hope you had a lovely Christmas.

May the new year bring you happiness and health...

But if you find that happiness is elusive maybe I can help you.


How would you like to take control of your life and feel truly happy...

We all find ourselves in situations we are not happy about at times, maybe you are in an unfulfilling job or working too many hours, or stuck in a relationship you know isn't good for you but feel powerless to leave.

Or maybe you're just not in a good place at the moment, feeling stressed and anxious, or have an emotional issue that you just can't seem to overcome.

If this sounds like you, I can help you to get unstuck, guiding you to make changes from the inside , combining Reiki, coaching and hypnotherapy to help you move past self imposed limitations, release negative emotions and thought patterns, find your direction and begin to move forward towards the life you really want.

Change is possible, easily... and quicker than you think.

Do you want to...

  • Stop feeling anxious and start feeling happy
  • Work towards the life you really want
  • Be confident
  • Find your passion
  • Find your true self

The good news is You Can!

I offer a bespoke service with Life coaching, Reiki and Hypnotherapy in  Enfield, North London to help you make that positive change so that you can realise your dreams and have the happy life you were born to live.

Start by taking just one step forward and contacting me.