Just for today...let go of anger

Just for today... let go of worry

Just for today... do your work honestly

Just for today... be thankful for your many blessings

Just for today... be kind to all living things

REI (ray) meaning sacred or spiritual and KI (key) meaning energy (life force energy or chi) is used to help clear energy blocks in the body and keep healthy KI energy flowing freely throughout the body.

Without a healthy flow of life force energy we become lethargic, ill and dis-eased.

Reiki is a non-invasive, ancient healing modem that aids the body to self heal, by balancing the body and healing at a deeper level, used alongside conventional medicine, Reiki can be beneficial for all kinds of physical and emotional problems.

Reiki is deeply relaxing and often sends people to sleep.


While you are lying comfortably – fully clothed, hands are placed on or just above the body to allow the Reiki energy to flow where it’s needed

Reiki may bring up other issues that need attention before aiding what the person wants to be helped - these may be things that the person has avoided facing or are unaware of, or they can be changes in lifestyle that need to be addressed

Reiki is safe during pregnancy and birth and can be given to children and animals

Distance Reiki can also be given, I can send Reiki from where I am to where you are 

Reiki helps you to:

  • Relieve emotional trauma without the need to talk about past traumatic experiences
  • Speed up physical healing times on body injuries
  • Relieve pain and adverse effects of medications
  • Aids with stress and anxiety
  • Ease the pain of various illnesses
  • Find peace and acceptance with a terminal illness

Reiki is also wonderful for just a bit of ‘me time’ to completely relax and let the pressures of the day be released.

Reiki makes an unusual and lovely present.

I am a Reiki master teacher with ten years experience.


Reiki .....£30 per hour

Five pre paid Reiki sessions..... £120... saving £30

Distant Reiki.....£20 per hour

Five pre paid distant sessions.....£75...saving £25

Combinations 1.5 hours.....£45

Combinations 2 hours.....£60


"When I first came to you I was initially nervous, as that's how I am with new people that I don't really know well, however you were very warm and quickly put me at ease, throughout all the sessions I felt very comfortable and really benefitted from the Reiki. The main reason I came to you for Reiki was more for general wellbeing and I always left feeling re energised and very positive"

Kezi Ekeman, Enfield